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Julius and Zeca Cavalcanti, Guga Armando Monteiro Lins and visit work of Transposition
Accompanied by the mayors of Arcoverde, Magdalene Britto (PTB), and Custody, Dr. Luiz Carlos (PT), Senator Armando Monteiro made a point of honor on Saturday (13) the launch of City Living with the effects of drought ( Promuces) Prefectural Sertânia, almost 300 kilometers from Recife, in the Hinterland of Moxotó, which provides for the drilling of boreholes, dams and cleaning pits and expand the supply of water through tankers.
Armando attended the event at the invitation of Mayor Guga Lins (PSDB) and after covering the municipalities of Sanharó, Arcoverde Ibimirim and Stone, where he had a series of meetings with mayors, vice mayors, councilors and local leaders. Soon after launching the program, and Mayor Armando Monteiro Lins were Guga inspect the works of Lot 11 of the São Francisco River Transposition (photo).
In each city, the Senator received a series of demands to be presented to federal agencies in Brasilia, or to enable the release of parliamentary amendments aimed at infrastructure works. Furthermore, Senator discussed actions that could develop to help municipalities in this drought.
In contact with society, Armando Monteiro argued that the federal and state governments, as well as banks and public entities, immediately begin a discussion about measures that must be adopted in post-drought. In his opinion, it is necessary to create conditions for the local communities to recover their herds, economic activities and, especially, create infrastructure to ensure, in addition to the water supply of the population, more water and food security for the animals.
Still Sertânia, Armando visited state Rep. Angelo Ferreira and his wife Cleide Ferreira (PSB), former mayors of the city. He was also the home of former councilman Brasiliano Bartholomew. In other cities, also always accompanied by state Rep. Julio Cavalcanti, the former mayor of Arcoverde Zeca Cavalcanti and current mayor, Magdalene Britto, all of the PTB, the senator also met with political leaders and Inajá Potion.
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O fotógrafo e colaborador do blog Marcelo Patriota cobriu toda a visita de Eduardo Campos, Zé Mário Cassiano e comitiva à fábrica de Cimento Pajeú. Um momento importante para Carnaíba e o Pajeú, clicado pela câmera do blogueiro. Veja :
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O Governador Eduardo Campos não escapou de nova pergunta sobre as inserções nacionais do PSB no Rádio e na TV, iniciadas na quinta-feira, que para a leitura de alguns, tem questionado a gestão Dilma Roussef.
Ele voltou a afirmar que o partido não quer atacar o governo Dilma. “Como outros partidos, estamos exercendo um direito que nos faculta a lei brasileira, mostrando o que o PSB tem feito de diferente, daquilo que chama a atenção pela qualidade da gestão em diversas áreas.
Estamos difundindo ideias do PSB em áreas estratégicas, como educação, segurança pública, como é que fazemos e onde fazemos. Esse é o objetivo das inserções do PSB no Brasil inteiro”.

Public Hearing with Senator Armando Monteiro in Custody

by Paul Peterson

Pre-Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate State Armando Monteiro Neto (PTB) held meetings in recent days by several municipalities. In cities like Arcoverde screenplay, Stone, and Sanharó Sertânia were part of his marathon the hinterland of the state, ending this Saturday (13th) in Custody, the City Council Chamber.

In Custody, Senator was received by Mayor Luiz Carlos, the Vice Mayor Manuca, by the Mayor of Nidinho Biu, besides councilors: Gilberto Valeriano, Ronivaldo Barbalho, Chico Elizeu, Joe Neto, Uilson Leandro, Paulino Poultry and other local leaders . Besides the distinguished presence of the mayor of Sertânia Guga Lins, Mr Julius State Cavalcanti and his brother Zeca Cavalcanti, and other political leaders in the region.

The ceremony was opened by the Leader of the Government in the House, Councilman Gilberto Valeriano, followed by Vice Mayor Manuca, the former mayor of Arcoverde, Zeca Cavalcanti, state Rep. Julio Cavalcanti, Mayor Luiz Carlos, and ending the lecture, said the Senator Armando Monteiro.

The drought affecting the region was the main topic during the Public Hearing. In his speech, the councilor and leader of the Government in the House Gilberto Valeriano, suggested forgiving the debts of Sequeiros. The Vice Manuca urged before the situation faced by the municipality. The former mayor of Arcoverde Zeca Cavalcanti was happy by Senator Armando Monteiro visit and learn 'on the spot' problems caused by drought. 

In his speech, Mayor Luiz Carlos Gaudencio did balance his first 100 days in municipal government. Among the issues cited, the highlights were: a decrease in the transfer of funds, the halt in construction of Transposition and Transnordestina.

Closing the meeting, Senator Armando Monteiro, began his speech, questioning how the country that has an economy considered the sixth largest economy in the world has not been able over the years to be able to create an infrastructure to meet the man of semiarid drought. He blamed the national elites that use the dry today. Not enough that only the efforts of the Government, suggested establishing an agenda in permanent drought relief, with discussions and measures to cope with the phenomenon. That was unnecessary to spend 60 billion on a bullet train between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, not 30 million in the semiarid providing water security for the region. He made it clear that it would not propose pardon or amnesty to borrowers, but there is a transfer in debt, new refinancing and new credit lines. He cited the example of the work carried out by Embrapa in soybeans, and that is now done in the northeast. Finally, apologized to learn a lot from these visits, Custody and could count on his support, that the doors of his office in Brasilia were open.

(*) After the meeting, Senator Armando Monteiro Blog team attended Honey Land Custody and Panorama FM Radio, awaiting interview will be published shortly.